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After 10 years of experience as a bar and ice cream shop and after several courses taken at the CAPAC of Milan (Technical School for Trade) held by famous professionals such as Caviezel, Basso, Grasso, Gelateria Rosa was created in Viadana in 1983, a town located near Parma, Mantua, Cremona and Reggio Emilia. At the beginning it was specialized in wholesale of homemade ice cream. Afterwards, thanks to its success, it became involved in retail distribution creating 42 different flavours (opposed to the 18 initial flavours).

In 1993 Gelateria Rosa inaugurated its new premises becoming the biggest ice cream shop in Italy thanks to the production of 120 different flavours: from classic flavours to the most original and peculiar ones such as “Zucca in Autunno”, “Lambrusco”, “Malvasia” to those which are appreciated especially by children such as “il Puffo”, “lo Smarties” (are all made from selected ingredients) to those that imitate lost tastes like “Dulce de leche” and “Granizado” which are specialties of Argentina.

The owners have always been extremely attentive to the quality of homemade products and to the ingredients used to prepare cakes, ice cream and salty pastries. Gelateria e Pasticceria Rosa is renowned in the Parma and Mantua areas thanks to the high quality of its products and to its personalised cakes which give an original touch to the celebration of all important events.

Gelateria Rosa is open the whole year.