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Gelateria Rosa is the biggest ice cream shop in Italy thanks to its selection of 120 different flavours.

Its list includes classic flavours prepared with selected ingredients like milk, cream and fresh fruits (Gelateria Rosa does not use any hydrogenated vegetal fats for its products) to original and peculiar flavours like “Zucca in Autunno”, “Lambrusco” and “Malvasia” .

Flavours particularly loved by children are also available such as for example:, “il Puffo”, “lo Smarties”, “la Cicca”, “il Kit-Kat”, “il Lion”, “le Noccioline americane salate”. Other popular flavours are “ il Dulce de leche” and “il Granizado” which are specialties of Argentina.

Ice cream prepared with rice milk is also available at Gelateria Rosa so even people who are allergic to gluten or to lactose can enjoy homemade ice cream.

Those who do not love sugar and fats can opt for “il gelato doppio zero” which does not contain any fat or sugar. Such ice cream is also suitable for people who suffer from certain forms of diabetes.

120 different flavours are available in the shop. According to the availability of seasonal fruits the following ones are available:

cicca, puffo, kit-kat, lion, smarties, noccioline americane (sneekers), viola, dulce de leche, tramontana, granizado (the last three are from Argentina), beer, malvasia, lambrusco, mozart, cioccolato bianco malaga, caffe' irlandese, fruttolo, biscotto, uva fragola, boero, cream caramel, coffee, torroncino, panna cotta, rosa, amarenate, panna, stracciatella, bianco riso, mascarpone, pistachio, crema al whisky, cioccolato con amaretti, choccolate love passion, mandorlato, giandujotto, affogato al caffe', mascarpone con le noci, cream caramel, bignolotto, nocciotella, bacio bianco, affogato al rum, cremino, grand marnier, mielato, zabaglione, cream, zuppa inglese, bacio, crema, liquorice, cioccomenta, chocolate, cioccoriso, nuty, cream, limoncello, a.c.e., mango, cherry, aceto balsamico, cassata, walnuts, bounty, coconut, grapfruit, arancio rosso di Sicilia, melon, watermelon, cedar, pineapple, banana, pumpkin, redcurrant, mandarin, walnuts and pear, strawberry, lemon, soft fruits, lime, papaya, apple, kiwi, peach, apricot.

These fruit flavours are prepared only with fresh fruits as well as frozen fruits. They are never prepared using freeze-dried or hydrated fruits. Fruit ice cream does not contain milk therefore it can be eaten also by people who are allergic to lactose.

All the flavours containing yogurt (strawberry yogurt, soft fruits yogurt and yogurt) are prepared only using yogurt coming from “Stabilimento Padania” (based in Casalmaggiore – CR ).

As far as warm ice cream is concerned a wide selection of “semifreddo” ice cream is available. This type of ice cream is characterised by being extremely soft and smooth. According to seasons, different types of flavours are available: tartufata, giovanna, meringata, babà, profiterol, coffee, amaretto, paciugo, strawberry and cream, tiramisu.

Fat-free and sugar-free ice cream prepared with rice milk are available in the following flavours: coccoriso, chioccilat, cookies & rice, flan di riso, nocciolcrocc, chiccolat e banana, yogurt, il gelato di gerry, chiccocioc, chiccomuesli, strawberry.

Several water-ices are also available in summertime: lemon, cedar, melon, mint, cola, sour black cherry, strawberry, tamarind, anise, yogurt.

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